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laugh-untilwethinkwelldie asked: woow... I was looking for a blog like this! :) it's really nice, keep up the great work :D Take care!

hey, welcome! thank you so much!! xo


security guards

Anônimo asked: How could I summit drawings to your blog?

1. Click here - http://only-drawings.tumblr.com/submit 

2. Click on the text that says “Submit a Text Post”, and choose “Submit a Photo” from the drop down menu.

3. Click “Browse…” find the photo that you want to upload and click “Open”.

4. If you want to add some description or anything else add this in the text box just below.

5. If you have a source of the photo (i.e. someone’s flickr or someone elses blog) click on “Set a click-through link” and type/paste the link into the box.  Or if the photo is one that you took type/paste the link of your blog into the box.

6. Tick the “Terms of Submission” box, if you agree.

7. Double check everything is correct then click “Submit”

iknowidonotknow asked: Cara, eu juro, nao sei o que me deixou mais encantada, os desenhos ou as musicas <3

eu também me encanto toda vez! Obrigada ^^

wondermentium asked: I'm in love with your account.

awn, thank you ^^